Middlesex Masters Soccer League
Current season: Outdoor 2018

Board Request - Deadline past

Club Reps

Thank you to the teams who have nominated a player representative.

June 22nd deadline has passed

For any teams that have not forward a name of a player rep then, the club rep will be required to attend an upcoming meeting and represent their team.

We have some exciting ideas planned for our anniversary and the team rep will beable to get feedback from their players and help get them involved.

email - mmslsch@gmail.com

Thanks for your help



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Top Scorers

Division 1:

Genti Buzali 18
Greg Westra 18
Eric Elmauer 17
Andrew Loague 16

Division 2:

Keith Andrew 32
wayne scott 21
Jason Lingard 18
Bryan Serrador 15
Nevin MacQueen 15

Division 3:

Pedro Ribeiro 21
Carlos Herrera 19
Paul Acchione 17

Division 4:

Younes Sori 42
Dale Flynn 30
Kamran Salimi 23
Mike Ennis 18
Samir Sourig 15

Division 5:

Anthony Roy Brown 24
Garry Brown 22
Jason Reabel 16
Christos Nikolakakos 14
Miroslav Karlicic 14