Middlesex Masters Soccer League
Current season: Outdoor 2018

Over 55 Tournament - Palm Springs - Feb 10,11

I have attached the registration details from the Seniors Games organizers in Palm Springs, California. Also, response to our questions about the tournament from the Palm Springs organizers (contact Sophia Tel:1-760-568-2560spimentel@drd.us.com) are as follows:

  1. Can you confirm there will be a separate 055 division or will it be 050+ division only


YES there will be a separate 055 division

  1. How many 8-a-side games do we play each day  In the past we have played two to three games a day.
  2. how many 055 teams do you expect, 5-6 or more I will know as we get closer to the competition
  3. What does the game schedule look like games begin at early 0800 on Saturday
  4. What is the duration for each individual 8v8 game.  30 minute halves.
  5. What is the length of the 8-a-side pitch  If I remember correctly 70 yards (width of regular 11v11 pitch).
  6. Suggestions for team accommodations Special rates have been arranged for less than $100.00 a night at the Ivy Palm Hotel and Spa.


Division 1/2 Cup Draw
Division 3/4/5 Cup Draw
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Recent Results

Recent Cup Results

Division 3/4/5 Cup:

St. Thomas B vs White Eagles B 6-0

Upcoming Games

Division 1:

Bosnia vs Three Lions
Albania vs Jagiellonia

Division 3:

White Eagles A vs St. George United
German Canadians B vs St. Thomas B

Division 4:

Kurdish Canadians vs NorWest Rangers
Croatia Blue vs Forest City B

Upcoming Cup Games

Division 3/4/5 Cup:


Division 1/2 Cup:


Top Scorers

Division 1:

Mike Edwards 9
Marco Tamasi 6
Andrew Loague 5
Jason Carrelas 5
Ree San 5

Division 2:

aboyassin mohamed 7
Keith Andrew 6
Traian Ionas 5
kyle cornet 5
Fraser Small 4

Division 3:

Nelson Da Silva 4
Matt Bell 3
Carlos Herrera 3

Division 4:

Dale Flynn 18
Mike Ennis 7
Jesse Cablek 6
Younes Sori 6
Samir Sourig 5

Division 5:

Anthony Roy Brown 7
Garry Brown 6
Jason Reabel 5
Romeo Araujo 5
Alejandro Restrepo 4