Middlesex Masters Soccer League
Current season: Outdoor 2018

2017 Player Registration

THIS NOTICE IS FOR 2017.  The OSA wishes the districts to inform the clubs of the new registration system that will go online for 2017.  Please see the OSA Bulletin for the new registration system called Sports Ngin (pronounced "engine") under 'downloads'.

You may direct any of your inquires to:

Tom Wilkinson OSA Manager of IT AT 905-264-9390 X 233

Matt Hansen atmatt.hansen@sportngin.com (612) 230-2375 Or 

Rachael Peltier at rachael.peltier@sportngin.com (612) 230-9702.



Minutes indoor meeting Sept 30, 2017
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Recent Results

Division 1:

Albania vs Sporting 6-3

Recent Cup Results

Division 1/2 Cup:

St. Thomas A vs Apollo Whites 6-5

Upcoming Games

Division 1:

P.C.L. A vs FC Acoriano
Apollo Blues vs Jagiellonia
St. Thomas A vs Three Lions
Apollo Whites vs Bosnia

Division 2:

FC Romania vs Scottish A
Tillsonburg Titans vs German Canadians A
Serbia A vs Marconi

Division 3:

Taxandria vs P.C.L. B
Woodstock vs Exeter FC

Division 4:

St. George Wanderers vs AEL Larissa FC B
Curinga White vs Hispanic Pumas
St. Thomas C vs Forest City B
Embro vs NorWest Rangers
Kurdish Canadians vs Croatia Blue

Division 5:

Hispanic Condors vs Oakridge
White Eagles B vs Croatia C
Caribbean Stars vs African Caribbean United
Curinga Red vs German Canadians C
P.C.L. C vs Apollo Royals

Upcoming Cup Games

Top Scorers

Division 1:

Greg Westra 10
Mike Edwards 9
David Day 9
Ree San 8

Division 2:

Keith Andrew 12
aboyassin mohamed 8
wayne scott 8
Jason Maillet 7
Nevin MacQueen 7

Division 3:

Carlos Herrera 9
Nelson Da Silva 8
Pedro Ribeiro 8

Division 4:

Dale Flynn 21
Younes Sori 18
Kamran Salimi 14
Octavio Gallego 10
Mike Ennis 9

Division 5:

Anthony Roy Brown 14
Garry Brown 9
Miroslav Karlicic 8
Jason Reabel 8
Mike Rompf 7