Middlesex Masters Soccer League
Current season: Indoor 2017-2018

Player Suspensions

When players receive suspensions by EMSA, the Team Manager/Contact will be notified of the suspension.  Prior to the game/games the player is suspended for, the player's OSA Book must be presented at the EMSA office to have the suspension recorded on the discipline page. The player remains suspended until the OSA Book is presented.
Should any of the games be cancelled, re-arranged or postponed etc., then the suspension shall carry forward until the re-scheduled date of that specific game, the player cannot sit-out an alternative game.

Please be aware that discipline decisions made under the DBR system cannot be appealed.

For additional information on suspensions, check out the EMSA web site at: http://www.emsadistrict.com/hub/index.php/discipline/discipline-info

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Top Scorers

Division 1:

Andrew Loague 27
Ree San 19
Mike Edwards 18
Gentian Buzali 16
Ermal Murataj 13

Division 2:

Carlos Abrantes 42
Keith Andrew 22
Jason Carrelas 22
Mark Gillies 20
Traian Ionas 20

Division 3:

Michael Del Bel Belluz 34
Declan Cahill 26
Ali Nabavieh 26
Sefik Hamsic 15
James Smith 15

Division 4:

Carlos Paez 29
Ardian Strefi 24
Josh Smith 18

Division 5:

Kamran Salimi 26
Younes Sori 17
Taher Darvijeh 16
Jerry Mangiarelli 15
Russell BENTLEY 14